Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fish the Magish

Since neither G nor M had school today, (M due to this third snow day, and G because she doesn't have school on Wednesdays) we decided to make our way down to G's preschool. In honor of Catholic School's week, they were sponsoring a performance by Fish the Magish, a local entertainer for kids who's really a lot of fun.

Many parents in Raleigh have probably seen Fish the Magish perform at one time or another. He's been to the girls' preschool each year, though this is the first time I'd had the opportunity to see him.

In business for fifteen years or so, Mike Fisher is a middle-aged southerner who presents his 30 minute shows to preschool through junior high audiences, tailoring his act to specific, age-appropriate themes. He incorporates lessons in character education into his preschool shows, and curriculum based standards of learning in his elementary aged shows.

For G's preschool, he emphasized self-control and appropriate behavior, made the kids laugh at his silly mistakes, and wowed them with some pretty neat magic tricks. He was engaging, funny, and kid-friendly. Both the kids and the adults loved it.

For information on upcoming performances, check out the calendar pages of Carolina Parent, or email him at

Snow Days

It is Wednesday, five days after the big snow. School is still out, but that's par for the course here in our area of North Carolina.

Raleigh just doesn't usually get much bad weather. They can't justify the cost of massive amounts of snow-removal equipment or salt, and so in most cases, they try to salt in advance, they plow a little, and they wait for it all to melt. As frustrated as I want to get with this, I guess I can't blame them.

The problem I have is with the lack of common sense that goes along with the emergency management efforts. For example, part of the reason schools are closed on this sunny, 50 degree day is because the school parking lots are still full of snow and ice, as are the parking lots where the buses are stored. The roads are all clear. So are our neighborhoods.

So couldn't the principals have just planned in advance to pay someone 20 bucks to plow their school parking lot? Heck, for the amount of money the administrators make, they could even foot the bill, or take it out of the PTA funds, or something. They've had four days to figure something out. I know there are people out there willing to run a personal plow through for next to nothing, especially in this economy. I know, I know. Liability issues and all that junk. But our kids have lost three days of school that half-day Saturdays aren't going to come close to making up for.

Yeah, emergency management - that's an issue I'd love to see our new school board tackle.