Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last night, G was afraid to go to sleep (an on-again, off-again, but recurring theme).  She had a serious conversation with her father when he came up to see what was wrong that went as follows:

Her:   "I saw something green flash outside my window.  I think it was an alien."

Him:  "There are no aliens around here.  I'm pretty certain it was a lightening bug."

Her:  "Well okay, but if there are aliens around here, I'm moving to Florida!"

Him:  "I think you'll find there are a lot more aliens in Florida than there are here."

Really, Florida?

Well, we are going to be spending some vacation time there this summer (no, we're not going to see the rat), so clearly that was fresh in her mind and I'm impressed that she retrieved and used it so effectively.

I'm also amused at my husband's bit of sarcastic humor there.  But the joke is likely to be on us.  If I know our daughter well, the alien / Florida theme is likely to re-occur, and if it does, it will most certainly be just in time for our trip.