Friday, March 13, 2009

Dirty Words

As we were sitting at the dinner table last night, my oldest daughter informed us that there were some dirty words that they weren't allowed to say at school.

This was a relief to me since, if my daughter is going to be saying dirty words, I want to be the one to benefit from them, not school!

My husband politely asked which words those might be. M said there was the "S" word and the "H" word.

We nodded knowingly. Certainly, those would be bad words to say. But who in the world were the miscreants in her kindergarten class that would have used those words in the first place?!

Just to be sure, and never wanting to miss the opportunity to bestow a lesson, we asked her to clarify what the "S" word and the "H" word were. To which she very seriously replied, "'Stupid,' and 'hate,'" of course!

We looked at each other and smiled, then told her those were pretty bad words, indeed. Guess we'll deal with the big dogs later!

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