Monday, April 11, 2011

Malfunctioning Keyboards

I just got the keyboard fixed on my Mac.  It was not more than a month ago that I schlepped over to Crabtree, waited my turn at the Genius Bar, and left my laptop with the nice folks there who replaced fixed it for me, for free.

Now here I am with a faulty delete and enter key, neither of which work at all, because I got the laptop a little too close to the sink while making a dinner recipe from

It is a pain in the neck to attempt to type without a delete or enter key.  Thanks much to my husband who three days into it, showed me that there was another enter key one over from the space key, and who, five days into it, told me about control H.

But these are in no way substitutes for the normal placement of the properly functioning keys and I have learned that a very fast typer does not an accurate typer make.  What would I have done in the days of mechanical typewriters and correction tape?  Gotten my ass fired, that's what.

Here's hoping the Genius people will take mercy on me one more time.

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