Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bird Dog

So ... dog breaks through the invisible fence this morning (too tempted watching husband walk down the court without him). He takes off. We went looking for him. Dog apparently finds a neighbor way down the street who keeps chickens and gets himself one. While I am talking to the chicken lady, (can't find dog at this point), husband sees dog run back down through the neighborhood with chicken in his mouth. Chase ensues. Dog runs through back yard of new family just moving in this morning. Husband hears new kids say "that dog has a chicken!" Dog brings chicken back to house, drops it at end of driveway, jumps high over invisible fence line apparently thinking it would keep him from getting shocked (it didn't). Husband gets dog inside, comes back out, can't find chicken. Gets in truck to look for chicken, stopping at neighbor's houses along the way asking them if they've seen a chicken. Never finds it. So, the dog did his job - he can certainly retrieve birds! We owe the neighbor some money for chickens, and the new neighbors some sort of explanation. Willing to hire dog out to bird hunters for a fee.

I am a chicken thief.

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