Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No TV for You!

I am sitting here trying to write and my girls, who are tracked out, are behind me watching My Little Pony on Netflix.

We got rid of all but broadcast cable because Time Warner Cable sucks, as do all of the other three pay for services television companies.  We figured Netflix would serve our needs, and it has, but clearly I need to put some parental controls on some of these obnoxious "kid" oriented shows.

After telling the girls three times to "turn that crap down" I finally made them turn it off and leave the room, because I simply cannot write anything when Pinkie Pie is whining in the background about her muffins not being baked correctly.

How on earth do we expect our daughters to rise above middle school drama contests that start to take shape in third grade and younger, when they're watching blazing examples of this same drama going on between these day-glo sherbert rainbow colored monsters created by some sadistic Disney wannabe production company????

My oldest stomped away but I don't really care that she's mad at me because she's TEN and I simply can't understand why she would even want to watch that show anyway!

Now, it's quiet, and I can get back to some quality writing!

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