Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

It's raining again today.  It's Tuesday and it's been gray and wet since Saturday.

No, no.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not complaining too much.  It's about 50 degrees out and it's not snow or ice.  Most of the country has snow and/or ice and is dealing with miserable conditions.

But, when you have a one-year-old, 80 pound golden retriever puppy who needs his daily playtime outside chasing squirrels, the rain presents a problem.

We have walked him, twice a day, in the drizzling rain, allowed him to play in the garage, and taken him on a car ride or two.  Ah, but is now day four and he is having great difficulty dealing with the birds and squirrels that are mocking him on the other side of the windows.

Why, do you ask, will I not let him out in the yard off leash?

Apparently, there is quite the mud pit underneath our front lorapetalum bushes, which is also where the little birds roost and where he subsequently loves to play.  My husband let him out on Saturday and he came back caked in mud.  Forty-five minutes later of cleaning up, and I was instructed by hubby to never let him out in the yard unattended again.  Until the rain stops and things dry out.  Fair enough, but here's hoping he can keep it together for one more day.

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